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Motorhome hire services in Dorchester with Holiday Motorhome Hire

Looking to hire a Dorchester motorhome? Holiday Motorhome Hire can offer you the best motorhomes in Dorchester. We can match you up with the ideal motorhome for your holiday whether you need a A-Class or a C-Class vehicle. If you would like to get a no obligation quote today on an Dorchester motorhome then just fill out our enquiry form its easy and it only takes a minute or two.

Why you should hire your Dorchester motorhome with us

We work hard here at Holiday Motorhome Hire to find everyone the right motorhome in Dorchester. We are glad to offer something to suit everyone from a short break motorhome holiday to a much longer holiday break. Get in touch today by filling out our enquiry form, and we will do the utmost to find the right Dorchester motorhome for you at the right price.

Which type of breaks suit a motorhome?

  • Large group holidays for friends or family
  • Motorhome camping breaks
  • Nature reserves like Down town Gorge and Sutton Park
  • Trips to the Peak District

What is the best thing about motorhomes?

  • You choose where you stay
  • There are no accommodation costs and time curfews
  • You can stay in the motorhome or eat out at a great local restaurant
  • You will have spacious sleeping quarter where you can get a good nights rest

How long can I hire a motorhome for in Dorchester?

Its a common question about motorhomes and we are glad to be able to help. The good thing is you can hire a motorhome for as long as you need, whether it is just a few days or a couple of weeks. Just get in touch with us here at Holiday Motorhome Hire and we can find you the ideal motorhome in Dorchester and take all of the hassle out of it for you.

Who are motorhome holidays suitable for?

  • Couples looking for a weekend get away
  • Smaller families looking for adventure and excitement
  • Large parties and groups looking for a unique holiday
  • Anyone interested in seeing some great sights around England

Ideal locations in England for a motorhome break

  • Keswick
  • South west seaside resorts
  • The South East coast
  • Glastonbury

Where did the motorhome come from?

The first custom motorhomes were built in the early 20th century and were rather strange looking vehicles that weren't exactly pretty. The first motorhomes were built onto existing car chassis and the first company to do this was the Jennings Company. These days many large manufactures produce excellent quality motorhomes like Fiat and Peugot.

What motorhomes are available?

With motorhomes there is a model to fit every need, so we can get exactly what you require. They come in a range of varieties from the largest A-class models to the smallest elevating roof van conversions. The best part is that if you fill in our easy to use contact form we can then advise you on the best motorhome solution for you.

Why choose a motorhome?

A Dorchester motorhome holiday is a great way to experience a different type of holiday. With a motorhome holiday you will have so many places to see and go you might not be able to choose which to do. If you find the ideal location and decide you want to stay there a few days you can, but you also have the option to go anywhere else. And with plenty of great camp sites that are motorhome friendly around England you wont be short of great places to stay.

Motorhome holidays in Dorchester

If your planning a motorhome holiday in Dorchester then thankfully you have come to the right website. We can arrange all the details of your motorhome holiday in Dorchester whether your live locally or on the other side of the UK. And the true advantage of a motorhome holiday is that you can go wherever you like so if you want to stay around Dorchester or wish to travel further the choice is yours.

A guide to Dorchester

Dorchester is one of the more popular places in Dorset and it has a raft of great sights and attractions to take in. There are tons of great attractions located in Dorset and that's why its so popular with holiday makers in England. And if you decide you want to hire a motorhome in Dorchester then you will have free reign to visit any location in Dorchester. So if you want to see all the sights in Dorset then hire a motorhome today.