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Using holidaymotorhomehire.com

You agree to use holidaymotorhomehire.com for only lawful purposes. You must use it in a way that does not restrict, inhibit or infringe upon the rights of anyone else.

We may change or update holidaymotorhomehire.com at any time and can change or remove the content here at any time without notice.


You may use holidaymotorhomehire.com for information purposes. Some actions may have their own specific terms and conditions please ensure you read all provided information on holidaymotorhomehire.com.

Linking to us

We are happy for websites to link to us, however please be aware you must contact us for permission if you are:

  • Charging users to click on links to our site
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Links from holidaymotorhomehire.com

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Using our content

The content used on our website is not for re-use. If you wish to re-use any information or content from our website you will need to contact us to obtain permission first.


We do make every effort to ensure information here is up to date. However, we do not provide any guarantee that information here will be:

  • Up to date/current
  • Secure
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  • Complete

We do not publish advice

We are not liable for any damage or loss that may occur from using holidaymotorhomehire.com.

Requests to remove/update content

You can ask for content to be removed or updated from holidaymotorhomehire.com. We will remove or update content:

  • If it contains sensitive personal data, breaches copyright laws or contains material that may be considered defamatory or obscene.
  • In order to comply with individuals rights in regards to data protection.

You must contact us to ask for content to be removed or updated. Please provide us the following:

  • The web URL containing the content
  • Your explanation as to why you are asking for it to be removed or update

We remove or update content at our discretion and will reply to let you know whether it will be removed or updated.

We may require that you provide information to confirm you have the right to make a request.

Information about your and your visits to our site

For detail on the information we may collect when you visit holidaymotorhomehire.com please read our privacy policy.

Hacking, viruses and other offences

When using the holidaymotorhomehire.com you must not try to hack or try to gain unauthorized access to holidaymotorhomehire.com, the servers that are utilise by it or any computer or database connected to it. You must not try to perform a DDOS(distributed denial of service) or a denial of service attack on holidaymotorhomehire.com.

You may not attempt or introduce any virus, trojan, worm or other malicious or technologically harmful practice on holidaymotorhomehire.com.

Any attacks or malicious behavior performed can and will be reported and shared with the relevant UK law authorities including any information relating to you.

Virus protection and your computer safety

We make effort to ensure that we do not transmit viruses or anything else that is malicious to your computer when you use holidaymotorhomehire.com. You should make sure that when you use holidaymotorhomehire.com you do not expose yourself to any potential risk. We are not responsible for any disruption, damage or loss that may affect you when you visit holidaymotorhomehire.com.


There may be specific or individual notices on holidaymotorhomehire.com relating to usage of this site.

In certain circumstances we may waive our terms and conditions, however this does not mean we may do so repeatedly or in other circumstances.

If any of these terms and conditions are found to be invalid, illegal or un-enforceable the remaining terms and conditions will still apply.

Changes to these terms and conditions

Please ensure you check these terms and conditions on a regular basis. We may update them at any time without notice.

By continuing to use holidaymotorhomehire.com you will agree to any changes after the terms and conditions have been updated.