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Visiting London and central London on a motorhome hire holiday

If your visiting London on a motorhome hire holiday then you will never run out of things to see and do in the capital city of the UK. We love London even though the inner city is heavily congested with traffic the various different locations and regions of London make it such a vibrant and exciting place to visit.

London is a city for all seasons but there are certain times of the year that have more events than others,you may want to avoid London on your motorhome holiday in the busiest summer month's as the capital can get extremely busy with people from all corners of the globe visiting at this time. I personally like to take the kids to London out of season as I feel much safer and can enjoy the sights and sounds in a much calmer atmosphere.

Getting to the city of London on a motorhome holiday

While Greater London is the county, the city of London is actually a rather small area right at the heart of Greater London. So if your planning on getting to the heart of London in a motorhome then we recommend that you use public transport to get into the centre and keep your motorhome parked outside of the city of London in a less built up area. Luckily the public transport in London is absolutely amazing and you wont have any problem getting around the city this way.

Motorhome friendly campsites in London

Abbey Wood camping site on Federation Rd in Abbey wood London gets excellent online reviews on Google and is in a great location, only 30 minutes to central London but in a truly rural location, where you feel totally away from all the hassle of urban life. This is a very popular campsite that is open all year round and has all modern facilities and is motorhome friendly with great pitches.

Crystal Palace Camping site is located in Crystal Palace London, this campsite is very close to central London as well and you can get a bus direct to Piccadilly circus from the campsite. This is a family friendly campsite that is close to a lovely park and is a nice place to take the children.

Driving a Motorhome in London

There are no width restrictions that apply to motorhomes when driving in central London, however we would not advise you to take your motorhome into central London due to the very busy and aggressive traffic and the mediaeval streets that are very narrow and ill equipped for motorhomes. Motorhome drivers should expect a stressful time if they decide to drive into London and I would not recommend it, much better to use public transport and have a base for you motorhome of the outskirts of London.

Parking a motorhome in London

There are no height restrictions in London for motorhomes when it comes to Parking if you decide you must take your motorhome into London. There are many places that have bridges over the street but the council have advised us that the heights are adequate to fit motorhomes under, although you should always be aware and remember that anything is possible.

Motorhome parking bays in London

Be warned that most motorhomes will not fit into the narrow parking bays in Central London and that it is a parking contravention for a motorhome to park and not be entirely within the markings that have been marked as being the total area for the parking bay. No parking spaces are provided for motorhomes in the City of London and this indicates that the centre of London is not a motor home friendly place. There are no restrictions in place for overnight parking but the same width problem in parking bays still applies.

Summary of London as a motorhome destination

What can we say about London, the place has everything and is one of the most important, exciting, interesting, historic and visually stunning places in the world, the famous phrase "if you are bored of London, you are bored of live" says it all really!

Motorhome hire services in London with Holiday Motorhome Hire

looking for the ideal motorhome hire in London? Then here at Holiday Motorhome Hire we can find you the ideal motorhome vehicle. We can supply you with the right motorhome for you holiday, whether it's for two people or a larger family. If you would like to enquire about a motorhome to hire in London today then simply fill out our contact form and we can get your a great quote today.

Why choose us to hire your London motorhome?

We work hard here at Holiday Motorhome Hire to find everyone the right motorhome in London. We can offer you a wide range of motorhomes to suit any occasion, from a weekend break motorhome for two people, to a motorhome that can house an entire family comfortably. So to get a great motorhome hire deal in London just complete our simple enquiry for and we will do the rest for you.

Motorhome holidays – Good ideas

  • Family holidays
  • English motorhome camping holidays
  • Nature reserve breaks
  • Holidays in and around the Peak District

What are the best features of a motorhome?

  • You can choose exactly where you wish to stay
  • You wont have to pay hotel costs you normally would
  • You can stay in the motorhome or eat out at a great local restaurant
  • They have great fitted amenities like full fitted bathrooms and kitchens

Can I hire a motorhome for a few weeks?

If your looking to hire a motorhome in London then you might be wondering what hire periods are on offer. The good thing is that you can usually arrange to hire a motorhome in London for as long as you need just book early to avoid disappointment. So if you need a great motorhome in London then just get in touch with us we are great at finding people the right motorhome solution.

Who are motorhomes suitable for?

  • Couples looking for a weekend get away
  • Small parties after an exciting trip
  • Large parties and groups looking for a unique holiday
  • Anyone looking to try something new

Ideal places for a motorhome holiday

  • Lake Windermere
  • Seaside Resorts
  • Italy
  • Buckingham Palace

History of the motorhome

We can date motorhomes back to the early 1900's but the real motorhomes we know now didn't start being mass produced until much later. The first motorhomes were built onto existing car chassis and the first company to do this was the Jennings Company. With motorhomes very popular today especially in Europe lots of great manufacturers specialize in this market from Ford to Peugot.

What types of motorhomes are available to hire

When it comes to motorhomes there is a perfect motorhome for every occasion. You can get a coach built motorhome or a low profile vehicle with fewer sleeping areas. We are great at matching you up with the ideal motorhome for your requirements just get in touch today.

Why choose a motorhome?

A motorhome holiday will be a brand new exciting experience for you. By hiring a motorhome in London you have so much more freedom than a normal break away at a hotel. If you want to keep moving and visit as many different places as possible its easy to do with a motorhome. And with the wide choices of great landmarks and parks located in England you wont know where to visit first.

Motorhome holidays in London

If you are searching for the ideal motorhome holiday vehicle in London then were confident that we can get you the right motorhome. We can arrange all the details of your motorhome holiday in London whether your live locally or on the other side of the UK. With a motorhome holiday its perfect because you can choose to stay close to London and see some sights or travel further afield in search of adventure!

London – A quick guide

London is a popular location based in Greater London and is always popular with motorhome enthusiasts. There are lots of great towns villages and sights to see in Greater London if you do decide to venture out of London. And even if you exhaust all of the sights in London or Greater London there are plenty of nearby counties to find new adventures. See there are plenty of benefits to a motorhome break!