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Hire a motorhome in Northampton with Holiday Motorhome Hire

Are you looking to hire a Northampton motorhome? Then Holiday Motorhome Hire is proud to help you find the ideal motorhome hire today. We can hire you a motorhome for a weekend or a week, and have a wide range of models to choose from. To get a great quote on a Northampton motorhome today just fill in the enquiry form and we will do the rest for you.

What types of motorhomes are available to hire

With a motorhome you have the choice of quite a few models and sizes, so you will get something ideal for you and your family or your party. A motorhome will usually fall into one of three types from the Coachbuilt models to an integrated motorhome. And we can easily manage which one is best for you or advise you on which we would recommend for you and you can make the final decision.

A simple guide to Northampton

A very popular place in Northamptonshire is Northampton and for good reason too it has some beautiful locations. There are loads of places in Northampton where you can go to visit and see all the local highlights. And if you do hire a motorhome in Northampton you will be able to visit so many other towns and villages nearby you wont miss a thing. So don't delay hire a motorhome in Northampton today and see all the sights.

Why are motorhomes so good?

  • You have complete control over your destination
  • You wont have to pay hotel costs you normally would
  • You can stay in the motorhome or eat out at a great local restaurant
  • Fully fitted interiors with kitchens and living areas

Good places in England to visit with a motorhome

  • The Peak District
  • Seaside locations with piers
  • The south coast of England
  • Shakespeare's Globe Theater

History of the motorhome

Many people would say the motorhome as we know wasn't invented until the mid 1900's but you can trace early examples back before then. The first motorhomes were built onto existing car chassis and the first company to do this was the Jennings Company. Nowadays many large companies produce motorhomes like Ford Motors and Fiat who produce a large amount of European motorhome vehicles.

The plus points of motorhome breaks

Hiring a motorhome has many benefits over a traditional holiday. With a motorhome holiday you will have so many places to see and go you might not be able to choose which to do. There are so many great places in England to see with a motorhome that you will love the fact you can go anywhere you like and not have to worry about hotels. And with the wide choices of great landmarks and parks located in England you wont know where to visit first.

Motorhome holidays in Northampton

If your after a motorhome hire vehicle in Northampton then your in luck as we can find the right one for you. We can arrange your motorhome hire vehicle in Northampton with ease, and love being able to provide a great service to our customers. And the true advantage of a motorhome holiday is that you can go wherever you like so if you want to stay around Northampton or wish to travel further the choice is yours.

Northampton motorhomes – How long can I hire one?

Whether your looking to hire for a weekend or two weeks then we can almost certainly get you the right motorhome. If you know when your holiday dates are going to be then simply get in touch to make a preliminary booking for your ideal motorhome. The best way to find out more is to get in touch with us via our contact form and one of our staff team can find you all the details you need to get a great motorhome hire vehicle.

Why Holiday Motorhome Hire are a great motorhome hire provider?

Here at Holiday Motorhome Hire we know about our motorhomes from Integrated to Alcove and we use this knowledge to match you up with the perfect Northampton motorhome. We can offer you a wide range of motorhomes to suit any occasion, from a weekend break motorhome for two people, to a motorhome that can house an entire family comfortably. So to get a fantastic motorhome vehicle today just get in touch with us and we can find the ideal hire vehicle for you.