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Sights and things to see and do on a motorhome hire holiday in Northumberland

Visits to the most northern of English towns Northumberland is a real treat in a motor home, counties that border it are County Durham and Newcastle upon Tyne in the south, Cumbria and The Lake District are also close by to the west, and lets not forget Hadrian's Wall for the history lovers and the Scottish Border country to the north.

Northumberland makes a great motor home holiday destination as there are so many beautiful and places of historical interest to visit. The landscape is full of contrast, with the Cheviot Hills in the north west contrasting against the flatlands along the coastline.

Holiday Motorhome Hire offers great motorhome hire in Northumberland

Looking for a great motorhome hire deal in Northumberland? Then Holiday Motorhome Hire has lots of great motorhomes available for hire today. We offer great motorhome hire services all across England, and are proud of our ability to match you up with the ideal motorhome. To get a no obligation motorhome quote or more information then simply just complete our contact form and we can arrange the rest.

What types of motorhomes are available to hire

With a motorhome there are so many varieties and variations that there is going to be an ideal motorhome for you. They come under three different types in most cases and there are models to suit any number of people from two to seven. With each motorhome variation there are advantages and dis-advantages but if you fill in our easy to use contact form we can get back to you with the right motorhome for your trip.

Northumberland holidays in a motorhome

If your in need of someone to take the pressure of finding the ideal motorhome in Northumberland then we can do it. Our team can sort your motorhome hire out sharpish and make everything as easy as can be. With a motorhome holiday its perfect because you can choose to stay close to Northumberland and see some sights or travel further afield in search of adventure!

What time period can I hire a motorhome in Northumberland for?

Its a common question about motorhomes and we are glad to be able to help. If you know when your holiday dates are going to be then simply get in touch to make a preliminary booking for your ideal motorhome. The best way to find out more is to get in touch with us via our contact form and one of our staff team can find you all the details you need to get a great motorhome hire vehicle.

History of the motorhome

The motorhome can be dated back to around 1920 although there might have been earlier versions. Most of the early motorhomes were no where near as complex as modern examples and were usually built onto existing motor vehicle structures. With motorhomes very popular today especially in Europe lots of great manufacturers specialize in this market from Ford to Peugot.

What features can I expect on a Northumberland motorhome?

Motorhomes come in a range of sizes and styles and are capable of comfortably housing couples or much larger groups and families. With three common types of motorhome from Coachbuilt to Campervan there is a motorhome with the perfect layout to suit your needs. Fully fitted kitchen and dining areas can provide you with the ability to feed an entire family in comfort. So if you are looking for a great motorhome hire vehicle in Northumberland with all the right features just get in touch today.

Why are motorhomes so loved?

  • You choose where you stay
  • No typical hotel costs associated
  • You can dine in or dine out
  • Fully fitted interiors with kitchens and living areas

Who are motorhome holidays suitable for?

  • Couples looking for a cosy romantic break
  • Smaller families looking for adventure and excitement
  • Large parties and groups looking for a unique holiday
  • Anyone who loves the open road and adventure

What type of holidays can you use motorhomes for?

  • Large holiday groups – Friends or relatives
  • English motorhome camping holidays
  • Holidays where you get back to nature
  • Peak District trips and breaks

The best places in England for a motorhome holiday

  • Ullswater in the Lake District
  • Any of the great seaside resorts in England
  • The South East coast
  • Warwick Castle

Benefits of a motorhome over a traditional holiday

Hiring a motorhome has many benefits over a traditional holiday. With a motorhome you are in complete control of where you go and what you do. If you want to keep moving and visit as many different places as possible its easy to do with a motorhome. And when it comes to waking up every day is a new adventure with you in the drivers seat.

Why you should hire your Northumberland motorhome with us

We love our motorhomes and believe we can find you the best motorhomes in Northumberland. We have a massive range of motorhomes to fit any requirements from a smaller motorhome for two people to motorhomes big enough to accommodate families of up to seven people. So if you want the best motorhome hire services in Northumberland just fill in our contact form today for a great motorhome quote!