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What's Shropshire like for a motorhome hire trip

Shropshire is located on the welsh border and you can drive your motor home along the River Severn which splits the region neatly in two. Typical of this area is the lovely villages such as Ellesmere and Market Drayton that are filled with lovely half timbered houses. There are several great camp sites that are a good place to site your motor home such as Millfarm caravan park and the Severn Gorge park.

Shrewsbury is home to an interesting round church and numerous Elizabethan buildings that are of great interest. The southern half of Shropshire is a good place to drive through with it's hilly region that includes a 10-mile ridge of heathlands that goes by the name of the Long Mynd.

Motorhome hire in Shropshire with Holiday Motorhome Hire

looking for the ideal motorhome hire in Shropshire? Then Holiday Motorhome Hire is here to help you find the right motorhome. We offer great motorhome hire services all across England, and are proud of our ability to match you up with the ideal motorhome. To get a fantastic motorhome quote in Shropshire today just fill in your details and our team will do the rest for you.

The plus points of motorhome holidays

Hire a motorhome and your eyes will be opened to the possibilities it offers over a traditional holiday. A motorhome can give you total freedom over your holiday and the locations you visit. If you want to keep moving and visit as many different places as possible its easy to do with a motorhome. And when it comes to waking up every day is a new adventure with you in the drivers seat.

Why you should hire your Shropshire motorhome with Holiday Motorhome Hire?

At Holiday Motorhome Hire we work hard to find the best motorhome deal for you! We are glad to offer something to suit everyone from a short break motorhome holiday to a much longer holiday break. So fill in our enquiry form and we will get the perfect Shropshire motorhome hire quote for you today.

What motorhome models are available?

Motorhomes are so flexible in their designs that there is always something to suit your needs. Motorhomes typically come in three variations which accommodate various needs and numbers of people. So just read our write up on the different variations or fill in our enquiry form and we can match you with the ideal motorhome vehicle.

Motorhome holidays in Shropshire

If your looking to hire a motorhome for a holiday in Shropshire then we can find you the ideal motorhome! We can get your motorhome booking sorted for you by matching you up with the ideal provider in the area you need. And the best part about a motorhome holiday is you can stay as near or far to Shropshire.

Shropshire motorhome hire – How long can I hire one for?

We often get asked questions about this and its rarely an issue. The reality is that in most cases you can arrange the typical hire periods or arrange a custom solution based on your needs. So if you would like to get a great motorhome hire quote in Shropshire today just fill in our easy to use contact form and we will do the rest for you.

Where did the motorhome originate from?

Many people would say the motorhome as we know wasn't invented until the mid 1900's but you can trace early examples back before then. The first motorhomes were custom built one off's where traditional car chassis were used to house a larger body. After World War II motorhome production picked up again and one of the big names in the industry around that time were Dormobile.

Features of a motorhome

Motorhomes are available in a range of styles and varieties from simple two person homes to much larger vehicles. In the Semi-Integrated style of motorhome you will find a fixed double bed usually situated in the rear of the vehicle and this particular type is popular with couples. With great interior facilities like fully fitted kitchen and bathroom amenities you will be able to live in comfort in most modern motorhomes. So to get a fantastic Shropshire motorhome today just contact us here at Holiday Motorhome Hire by completing our enquiry form.

What are the best features of a motorhome?

  • You choose where you stay
  • No need to be concerned with typical holidays costs
  • You can eat in or eat out
  • You will have spacious sleeping quarter where you can get a good nights rest

Who would benefit from a motorhome?

  • Couples who love exciting and different holidays
  • Small families that want a great holiday
  • Large families looking for a different type of holiday
  • Anyone looking to try something new

What holidays suit a motorhome?

  • Big family holiday breaks
  • Motorhome camping breaks
  • Nature reserves like Bredon Hill or Wyre Forest
  • Peak District holidays

Ideal locations in England for a motorhome break

  • Lake Windermere
  • Seaside locations with piers
  • The south coast of England
  • Canterbury