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Visit Sussex on a motorhome holiday

Sussex is situated in the south of England and borders East Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. There are numerous things to see and do in this diverse and interesting county such as visiting the grand stately homes and other interesting buildings such as Arundel castle, Bramber Castle and High Salvington windmill.

There is also an abundance of beautiful countryside throughout the county where you can park up the motor home and go for a relaxing walk, or get the mountain bike off the bike rack to go cycling. Chichester is the historic county town of Sussex and has a lovely cathedral and is classed as a city. There is also the seaside resort of Bognor Regis if you fancy a dip in the north Atlantic or the market town of Horsham if you want to pick up a few bargains.

Motor homes can park along the 2 mile stretch of seafront at Marine Parade on the other side of the road from the car parking as there are no restrictions, but make sure you are in the right spot or you will be fined!

Hire a motorhome in Sussex

Looking for a perfect motorhome hire vehicle in Sussex? Then Holiday Motorhome Hire is proud to help you find the ideal motorhome hire today. We offer motorhomes all over England, and can get you the best motorhome deals for any type of holiday. To get a great quote on a Sussex motorhome today just fill in the enquiry form and we will do the rest for you.

Why choose us to hire your Sussex motorhome?

Here at Holiday Motorhome Hire were dedicated to getting you the best motorhomes in Sussex. We are proud to have a wide selection of motorhomes that are perfect for every type of holiday from short breaks over a weekend to fortnightly breaks where you might need a bigger vehicle. So there is no reason not to book a great motorhome with us today get in touch and we can help.

Sussex motorhome breaks

If you are searching for the ideal motorhome holiday vehicle in Sussex then were confident that we can get you the right motorhome. We can arrange all the details of your motorhome holiday in Sussex whether your live locally or on the other side of the UK. And the plus points to a motorhome break in Sussex is that you will be able to see all the sights you want too and not have to worry about transport.

History of the motorhome

Custom motorhomes were being built in the start of last century but its not until about 30 years later that motorhomes were mass produced. The first motorhomes were custom built one off's where traditional car chassis were used to house a larger body. It was only after the mid 20th century that motorhome production became more widespread when three main companies started production.

Why are motorhomes so great?

  • You have complete control over your destination
  • You wont have to pay hotel costs you normally would
  • You can stay in the motorhome or eat out at a great local restaurant
  • They have great fitted amenities like full fitted bathrooms and kitchens

Motorhome breaks – What kind of people would enjoy them?

  • Couples after a unique holiday
  • Smaller families looking for adventure and excitement
  • Large parties and groups looking for a unique holiday
  • Nature lovers and sight seers

Why choose a motorhome?

Hire a motorhome and your eyes will be opened to the possibilities it offers over a traditional holiday. With a motorhome holiday you will have so many places to see and go you might not be able to choose which to do. There are so many great places in England to see with a motorhome that you will love the fact you can go anywhere you like and not have to worry about hotels. And there are so many great locations in England to visit the only problem you will have is choosing which to visit.

What models of motorhomes can I hire?

There are plenty of motorhome vehicles to hire and we can usually help you find the right one for your needs. There are roughly three categories of motorhomes available which are the C-Class, campervan and A-Class. So just read our write up on the different variations or fill in our enquiry form and we can match you with the ideal motorhome vehicle.

How long can you hire a motorhome for?

If your going to hire a motorhome in Sussex then you might be wondering what time scales you can hire one for. If you know when your holiday dates are going to be then simply get in touch to make a preliminary booking for your ideal motorhome. The best way to find out more about motorhome hire and what time periods are free is to fill in our contact form and we can match you up with a great motorhome hire vehicle.

What features does a motorhome have?

Motorhomes come in a variety of sizes and classes from two person motorhome to seven person motorhomes. With three common types of motorhome from Coachbuilt to Campervan there is a motorhome with the perfect layout to suit your needs. With great interior facilities like fully fitted kitchen and bathroom amenities you will be able to live in comfort in most modern motorhomes. So if you want to hire a great motorhome in Sussex today then simply get in touch with us here at Holiday Motorhome Hire.

Motorhome holidays – Good ideas

  • you can cook up a great meal in the motorhome
  • Camping holidays
  • Holidays where you get back to nature
  • Lake District holidays

Great places in England for a motorhome break

  • Keswick
  • Any of the great seaside resorts in England
  • The north French Coast
  • Glastonbury