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Advantages to a motor home

With a motor home break you will have a plethora of benefits and advantages over a typical summer or winter holiday. By hiring a motor home in North Gosforth you have so much more freedom than a normal break away at a hotel. You can take your motor home to the seaside, or to any of the great camps and locations in England which is why motor home holidays are so popular. With a motor home if you get bored of England you can always travel to one of the great counties nearby.

Hiring a motor home from Holiday Motorhome Hire is a great idea

Here at Holiday Motorhome Hire we pride ourselves on finding you the best motor home hire in North Gosforth. We pride ourselves on being able to match our customers up with the right motor home, we can surely find something that is right for you. Get in touch with us today and let us work our magic getting you the right North Gosforth motor home quote.

the motor home – A Quick history lesson

The motor home can be dated back to around 1920 although there might have been earlier versions. Early motor homes wouldn't have had the traditional features we know nowadays. These days many large manufactures produce excellent quality motor homes like Fiat and Peugot.

All about North Gosforth

North Gosforth is a vibrant location based in Tyne and Wear and is always popular with motor home enthusiasts. If you ever get bored of North Gosforth then don't worry because there are plenty of other places in Tyne and Wear to visit. And if you choose to hire a motor home in North Gosforth then you will be able to visit any part of North Gosforth or even anywhere in Tyne and Wear. Just another of the many benefit of motor home breaks!

Motor home features – What should I expect?

Motor homes come in a variety of sizes and classes from two person motor home to seven person motor homes. One of the common styles of motor homes is the coach built model which is where the living area is built into a chassis cab and are sometimes referred to as over cabs. With great interior facilities like fully fitted kitchen and bathroom amenities you will be able to live in comfort in most modern motor homes. Therefore, if you need a great motor home in North Gosforth get in touch with Holiday Motorhome Hire and we can find you the right motor home with the right features.