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Taking a motorhome holiday in Warwickshire

The county of Warwickshire sits just below the East Midlands and is close to Birmingham. It is surrounded by Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire and the beautiful Worcestershire. Warwickshire has an abundance of lovely buildings, countryside and historic towns to visit such as Stratford upon Avon, where a certain William Shakespeare was born.

You can drive your motor home through the beautiful countryside all the way to Warwick castle and there is also Arbury Hall, Charlecote Park, Coughton Court and Ragley Hall that are well worth making a stop for, or maybe a stroll around the Spa resort of Leamington with it's wonderful shops is more your cup of tea. National Trust properties are prolific in Warwickshire such as the stunning Charlecote Park for example which has been home to the Lucy family since the 12th century. The gardens are truly stunning and offer great walks with picturesque views across the River Avon and you can also see fallow deer which have been in the park since Tudor times.

Lairhillock Touring Park in Marton, Warwickshire is a good place to pitch your motor home and is open all year. Tourers and motor homes are allowed and well behaved dogs! To be honest there is so much to see and do in this county that you need to make sure that you give yourself enough time, all in all Warwickshire is one of our favourite counties.

Holiday Motorhome Hire – motorhome hire in Warwickshire

Are you looking to hire a motorhome in Warwickshire? Then Holiday Motorhome Hire has lots of great motorhomes available for hire today. We offer motorhomes all over England, and can get you the best motorhome deals for any type of holiday. To get a fantastic motorhome quote in Warwickshire today just fill in your details and our team will do the rest for you.

Hiring a motorhome from Holiday Motorhome Hire is a great idea

We work hard here at Holiday Motorhome Hire to find everyone the right motorhome in Warwickshire. We have a massive range of motorhomes to fit any requirements from a smaller motorhome for two people to motorhomes big enough to accommodate families of up to seven people. So if you want the best motorhome hire services in Warwickshire just fill in our contact form today for a great motorhome quote!

Taking a motorhome holiday in Warwickshire

If you are searching for the ideal motorhome holiday vehicle in Warwickshire then were confident that we can get you the right motorhome. We can arrange your motorhome hire vehicle in Warwickshire with ease, and love being able to provide a great service to our customers. So your motorhome hire will go as smoothly as your holiday allowing you to stay close to Warwickshire or travel to new places.

Motorhomes – From then to now

Custom motorhomes were being built in the start of last century but its not until about 30 years later that motorhomes were mass produced. The first motorhomes were built onto existing car chassis and this is still something that is done today with caravan bodies attached to traditional vehicle chassis. It was only after the mid 20th century that motorhome production became more widespread when three main companies started production.

What is the best thing about motorhomes?

  • You can stay anywhere
  • No need to be worried about typical holiday expenses
  • You can cook a fantastic meal in the motorhome rather than eat out
  • Fully fitted interiors with kitchens and living areas

Who are motorhomes suitable for?

  • Couples looking for a cosy romantic break
  • Small groups looking for a road trip holiday
  • Large families looking for a different type of holiday
  • Anyone looking for a new exciting holiday

Why choose a motorhome?

Hire a motorhome and your eyes will be opened to the possibilities it offers over a traditional holiday. A motorhome will allow you total freedom in a way a normal holiday cannot. If you want to eat out or stay in you decide and you can choose the camp sites and locations you stay at. And with plenty of great camp sites that are motorhome friendly around England you wont be short of great places to stay.

Motorhomes – What model types are there?

Motorhomes come in a mix of shapes and sizes depending on manufacturer and model but there is always one to fit the job. They come under three different types in most cases and there are models to suit any number of people from two to seven. The best part is that if you fill in our easy to use contact form we can then advise you on the best motorhome solution for you.

What time scales can I hire a motorhome in Warwickshire for?

Its a common question about motorhomes and we are glad to be able to help. In fact with a motorhome the only thing you need to worry about is booking early to make sure that you get the right vehicle for the right days. So if you would like to get a no obligation quote today or talk more about hiring a motorhome in Warwickshire just fill in our easy to complete contact form.

Motorhome features – What should I expect?

Motorhomes are available in a range of styles and varieties from simple two person homes to much larger vehicles. In the Semi-Integrated style of motorhome you will find a fixed double bed usually situated in the rear of the vehicle and this particular type is popular with couples. Fully fitted kitchen and dining areas can provide you with the ability to feed an entire family in comfort. So if you are looking for a great motorhome hire vehicle in Warwickshire with all the right features just get in touch today.

What holidays suit a motorhome?

  • Big family holiday breaks
  • English motorhome camping holidays
  • Holidays where you get back to nature
  • Holidays in and around the Lake District

Good places in England to visit with a motorhome

  • Lake Windermere
  • One of the many great seaside resorts in England
  • The South West coast
  • Westminster Abbey