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West Yorkshire motorhome hire holidays

West Yorkshire is a land locked Metropolitan County and incorporates Bradford, Dewsbury, Halifax, Huddersfield, Leeds, and Wakefield. Parts of West Yorkshire are very hilly such as Halifax and if you are driving down the M62 in your motor home the journey can be a bit hair raising with the open hilly landscape that allows strong winds to blow across the motorway. Yorkshire was at the heart of the industrial revolution, and this is reflected in the areas many interesting canals, museums, steam railways and Victorian architecture.

Sights to see in West Yorkshire on a motorhome hire holiday

If you want to see awe inspiring scenery while on a motorhome hire holiday in West Yorkshire, like wildlife and hill walking and climbing, then head for the Three Peaks whose beauty attracts 250,000 people a year. There are a number of wonderful world heritage sites in West Yorkshire where you can see castle ruins or crumbling monasteries that have survived from hundreds of years ago. We particularly enjoyed our visit to Conisbrough Castle where you can climb to the top of the magnificent towers and take in the breath-taking views.

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is also worth visiting, and you can take a welcome break from driving your motor home and relax to the stunning scenery along an eighteen mile stretch of railway track through the National Park. This attraction was actually voted the best visitor attraction winner in 2007 and 2009 by the Moors and Coast Tourism Partnership. Also make some time to view Scarborough Castle which has 2,500 years of turbulent history and Helmsley Castle which was a formidable fortress and shows its war torn history through its battle-scarred ruins.

Going shopping in West Yorkshire on a motorhome break

If you want to get some shopping done while you on your motorhome holiday in West Yorkshire then there is plenty of opportunity. From busy city centres to shopping and retail outlets, your sure to find something to suit.

If you want to get to the city centres, then Leeds town centre is a thriving hub for shopaholics on a motorhome hire holiday in West Yorkshire. If you want designer shops, then just head to the White Rose Shopping Centre, or if you fancy experiencing the Farmers' Markets, then they are held every other Saturday in the month on George Street.

It you want to see a wide range of shops and stores then Junction 32 Shopping Outlet is your best bet! From clothing and sports shops to big name stores like M&S the Junction 32 Shopping Outlet has something for everyone on your motorhome holiday, and is located of course, just off Junction 32 on the M62 in Castleford.

Motorhome suitable campsites in West Yorkshire

If you need to find somewhere to park and stay overnight in your motorhome then West Yorkshire has more than a few options for your and your party.

The Glenfield Caravan Park in Bardsey is motorhome friendly and is well regarded in terms of quality, cleanliness and facilities. The site offers running water, electric hookup and showers and laundry services meaning you can be totally prepared for the road when you leave.

Another option for motorhome holiday makers is Dobrudden Caravan Park in Shipley. The site itself has both hard and grass standing pitches for motorhomes and offers electric hookup for a nominal charge.

Motorhome hire in West Yorkshire with Holiday Motorhome Hire

After a great West Yorkshire motorhome hire deal? Holiday Motorhome Hire will find you the ideal West Yorkshire motorhome. We will be able to find the right motorhome hire deal for you for any type of holiday you can think of! If you would like to enquire about a motorhome to hire in West Yorkshire today then simply fill out our contact form and we can get your a great quote today.

Benefits of a motorhome over a traditional holiday

Many people ask what the advantages are over a traditional holiday. With a motorhome you are in complete control of where you go and what you do. If you want to eat out or stay in you decide and you can choose the camp sites and locations you stay at. And every day will bring a new experience that you choose how it goes.

Why should you hire your West Yorkshire motorhome with us?

Here at Holiday Motorhome Hire we take pride in ourselves about being able to find you the best motorhome hire in West Yorkshire. We can offer you a wide range of motorhomes to suit any occasion, from a weekend break motorhome for two people, to a motorhome that can house an entire family comfortably. Get in touch with us today and let us work our magic getting you the right West Yorkshire motorhome quote.

What kinds of motorhomes can I hire?

With motorhomes there is a model to fit every need, so we can get exactly what you require. Motorhomes typically come in three variations which accommodate various needs and numbers of people. So just read our write up on the different variations or fill in our enquiry form and we can match you with the ideal motorhome vehicle.

Motorhome breaks in West Yorkshire

If your in need of someone to take the pressure of finding the ideal motorhome in West Yorkshire then we can do it. Our staff can manage your motorhome booking, and match you up with the right provider in the right location. So to get a great motorhome hire vehicle in West Yorkshire today let us do the hard work so your holiday can be the best it can be.

Can I hire a motorhome for a few weeks?

Many people often wonder how long they can actually hire a motorhome for. The good thing is that you can usually arrange to hire a motorhome in West Yorkshire for as long as you need just book early to avoid disappointment. The best way to find out more about motorhome hire and what time periods are free is to fill in our contact form and we can match you up with a great motorhome hire vehicle.

Where did the motorhome come from?

We can date motorhomes back to the early 1900's but the real motorhomes we know now didn't start being mass produced until much later. Most of the early motorhomes were no where near as complex as modern examples and were usually built onto existing motor vehicle structures. These days many large manufactures produce excellent quality motorhomes like Fiat and Peugot.

Features of a motorhome

Motorhome quality gets better every year with the manufacturers finding new ways of getting the most out of their designs. One of the more common types of motorhomes are the Integrated style or A-Class which is generally considered to be the most luxurious and accommodating motorhome. Complete bathroom facilities including running showers mean you can freshen up at any time and then cook up a great meal in the kitchen before you venture out. So if you want to hire a great motorhome in West Yorkshire today then simply get in touch with us here at Holiday Motorhome Hire.

Why are motorhomes so good?

  • You can choose exactly where you wish to stay
  • There are no traditional costs involved like hotel or dining costs
  • You can eat in or eat out
  • You will have a great kitchen area that is perfect for cooking breakfast dinner or tea

Who are motorhome holidays suitable for?

  • Young or older couples after adventure
  • Small families that love the open road
  • Larger families looking for a great holiday break
  • Nature lovers and sight seers

Motorhomes – What kind of holidays are they good for?

  • Family holidays
  • Camping holidays
  • Nature reserves like Bredon Hill or Wyre Forest
  • Peak District trips and breaks

The best places in England for a motorhome holiday

  • Lake Windermere
  • Seaside locations with piers
  • The south coast of England
  • The Cotswold's