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Holiday Motorhome Hire is your one stop shop for motorhome hire services in England. We love providing you with the best motorhome hire deals with a great choice in models and makes. How we work is simple, you just fill in your contact details and we will get your a great motorhome hire quote to match your requirements its really that simple!

So if you would like to get a motorhome quote today fill in our enquiry form today and we will do the rest!

We love motorhomes

Holiday Motorhome Hire loves motorhomes for a number of reasons, motorhomes allow you to have a unique holiday experience which is why they are becoming more and more popular for anyone looking for a slighty different holiday. With a motorhome you can travel anywhere you like and stay for as long as you wish, your holiday is truly your own. And with the high quality of modern motorhomes you get great features and amenities to make your holiday run smoothly and comfortably. With great fitted kitchens that allow you to cook your own meals to sleeping quarters that can allow you to house seven people in total comfort.

Places in England you can visit for a great motorhome holiday

England is full of wonderous and beautiful locations, many of which you might never have visited, or even thought about as a potential holiday spot. From the glorious Lake District located in the heart of England to the sunny southern coastline which offers beautiful scenery and stunning landscapes.

Each of our county pages here at Holiday Motorhome Hire has plenty of information on sights to see or what campsites are available, so if your planning on visiting one of more counties in England then take a look at some of our county writeups.

Our motorhome hire coverage accross England

We are proud to offer motorhome hire coverage all accross england from Newcastle to Devon, and we can get you a great motorhome quote. So if you would like to hire or enquire about a motorhome hire vehicle for a holiday you have planned for your friends or family just get in touch today by using our simple contact form!

Traveling further afield with a motorhome hire vehicle

When you hire a motorhome with Holiday Motorhome Hire we can find you the nearest motorhome hire option for your ease and convience. But what if you want to travel a little bit further than England? Well now there are many ways you can travel to foreign countries easily with a motorhome.

If you wish to travel to France then you have two easy options, the Eurotunnel or by ferry. Both options provide you with a wealth of choices from your departure times to major discounts if you book your tickets early. Both ferries and the Eurotunnel make travelling abroad with a motorhome very easy.

If your making a winter motorhome excursion then chances are you will be looking to travel somewhere with a slightly warmer climate than England. The common place for camping and motorhome enthusiast is Spain where even in the winter months you can get gloriously warm weather, especially on the south coast which is a great remedy for the winter blues. Travelling to Spain by motorhome means you have a couple of choices either travel to France via the Eurotunnel and then drive south hitting the Spanish border. Or you can take a slightly longer ferry journey taking you directly to Spain.

Staying in England with a motorhome - Motorhome camps

If your planning a motorhome holiday in England then there is a great network of excellent motorhome holiday camps all accross this fine country to choose from. There are over 30,000 camp sites in Europe and thousands in England alone with a range of campsites to suit everyone. The benefits of staying at a campsite means that you can hook into their power supplies and also utilize their running water systems, of course nothing is free and most campsites have a nightly charge for their ammeneties.

If you do need more help on working out where you can stay and when, then luckily there is plenty of help at hand. If you want to check out a list of internet motorhome and camping resources just visit our motorhome guide page here. If you would prefer to buy some books, of which there are plenty, from user reviewed camping guides to the more traditional rated rated systems like xx then just visit our motorhome and camping book guide here.

So regardless of whether you want to pick your own camping spots or you want to stay in a motorhome camp then whichever you decide you will have plenty of choice, and there is tons of help at hand if you ever need it.

Modern motorhome hire vehicles - quality and features

Whatever you may have thought about motorhomes, the quality, finish and ameneties that modern motorhomes provide are of a very high standard. In a modern vehicle you can expect to have plenty of great features and fixtures that mean you will be living in comfort for the length of your motorhome holiday. From TV's and DVD players, to fully fitted bathrooms with showers, and kitchens with great space saving features and plenty of room to cook meals for the whole travel party.

What kind of motorhomes are available to hire

Whether you need a 4 person motorhome or a vehicle for a larger party we can help you find the right motorhome vehicle in the right location! If your unsure what type of motorhome is going to be right for you, we cover the 3 basic models of motorhomes at our motorhome vehicle guide page right here. So to be in the know about what models are available to you just hop on over and take a look.